03 May 2020 / Club News

Help in The Community

Aberystwyth RFC delivering food packages to the most vulnerable in the
During this tough period in lockdown due to Covid-19 the Scarlets rugby community team
partnered with Castell Howell started a scheme where they would use the local rugby clubs in
their catchment area to deliver food packages out to those who are the most vulnerable in the
Aberystwyth RFC joined the scheme and with the help of some of the first team members
managed to deliver 22 food packages out to the most vulnerable in the community where
most of them weren’t able to go out and do a food shop of their own. The members of the
community who received these care packages were all very grateful for the service and the
club were all too happy to help as we are a community club run by local people and we are
proud to be able to help out in any capacity possible.
Over two weeks the Scarlets in the Community have managed to send out over 500 packages
throughout the region working in partnership with Castell Howell, Blas y Tir, Nandos, Burns
Pet Food and Oil 4 Wales to help out those who are in need in the community.
For more information on this you will need to go to Aberystwyth RFC or Scarlets in the
Community pages on Twitter where there will be updates on when the next round of
deliveries will be. There you will also be able to find out how to book yourself a package or
you are able to nominate someone who you think will benefit from this scheme but are unable
to access the information.
Also, a group of Aberystwyth RFC players and supporters are currently attempting a 1,000
mile run/walk to raise money for Bronglais Hospital. They will be using the Strava app
through which distances walked or run are measured by GPS. This fund-raising activity will
end on May 10th and results will be announced soon after that

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