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Aberystwyth RFC @AberRFC
23/05/2018 06:19:16
Number 11) Gwern Penri Nickname:-G-Dawg / Gwenboi Interesting fact:- Doesn’t believe in Tuesdays, therefor he only…


Aberystwyth RFC @AberRFC
23/05/2018 06:14:51
Number 10) Steff Rees Nickname:-El Niño Interesting fact:- Die hard Disney fan, so much so, that he has the quote ‘…


Aberystwyth RFC @AberRFC
23/05/2018 06:12:20
Number 9) Llyr Thomas Nickname:- Daddy, Daddy Cool Interesting fact:- During his years at Penweddig, Llyr and his m…


Aberystwyth RFC @AberRFC
22/05/2018 22:20:37
Number 7) Tom Evans Nickname:- Kenco / Big Tom Evs Interesting fact:- During his days in Gowerton school, him and h…


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