10/12/2017 22:09
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CommodoreCinema Aber @CommodoreAber
13/12/2017 20:58:15
Are you coming to the Commodore Cinema this evening for our @StarWarsUK special? Doors open at 8pm 🍿 Bar will be…
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Cambrian News Sport @CambrianSport
13/12/2017 20:57:58
In a very competitive WRU Plate match, played in excellent spirit, it was @GlamWandsRFC who prevailed in the end ag…
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Aberystwyth RFC @AberRFC
11/12/2017 21:46:54
Happy birthday to local hero Craig Turner. Before every game, Craig insists that we keep our mouths shut and never…


Aberystwyth RFC @AberRFC
11/12/2017 16:29:03
Happy birthday to the 3rd best looking bloke in our team @shepi555. Some say he’s had more WKD’s than hot dinners,…


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