18 October 2016 / Club News

Note from WRU for all Junior Coaches and Refs

It has been brought to my attention that some referees are allowing the cavalry charge to take place when penalties, free kicks and free passes are awarded at Pathway games.  This is illegal at all levels of rugby.  Over the past few weeks several injuries have been reported as a result of this, one in particular was particularly concerning and resulted in hospitalization.  Could you all ensure that this practice does not take place.  For your information below is Law 10.4p



NB: At all levels the "Cavalry Charge" is not allowed

Definition of a Cavalry Charge:

When the attacking team is awarded a penalty kick or free kick either a single player stands some distance behind the kicker or attacking players form a line across the field some distance from the kicker. At a signal from the kicker they charge forward. When they get near the kicker tap kicks the ball and passes to a player who had started some distance behind the kicker.

Paul Adams

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